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Javier Marquina

Javier likes comics. All kinds of comics. He has been devouring them for years. He has also been writing about comics in webs, magazines and newspapers. Whe he isn’t writing, he likes speaking on radio shows and podcasts and getting involved in every single thing that spins around comic he is sable to find. Now, Javier makes comics. The comics he would sincerely like to read.

Art & Color

Ertito Montana

Ertito Montana of real name Victor Villayandre was born in 1977 in Madrid, Spain. He studied at the Higher School of Professional Drawing. He worked as a creative and illustrator in several advertising campaigns in press, television and internet and animator in "Dexter presents" a series for Cartoon Network. He founded 10 years ago the small press Zona 00 comics to publish his comics where he continues publishing his most personal works. For more than a decade he has publishing independent comics on paper like a Bea Gressive webcomic, Sicarios, Street Tiger, Paranoic Demond, Spooky Encounters and other minicomics. Recently he published in USA market its Street Tiger series with the publisher Amigo Comics.

He is currently publishing in UK with script by Roberto Corroto the Sicarios series in Aces Weekly by David Lloyd (V de Vendetta). He is also working on Tales of Rogues with R. Corroto and the characters of El Torres, which will be published at the end of the year in USA by Amigo Comics.

2003 - Mack & Kuack, published by Hiphopflash magazine (Spain)
2005 - Bea Gressive, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)
2008 - Historias de Algoria, published by Alfaguara (Spain)
2008 - Las clases del mal del Dr.Libelious, published by Alfaguara (Spain)
2009 - Los experimentos de Flipi, published by Alfaguara (Spain)
2011 - Lei-li: The rage of the tiger, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)
2012 - Cuchillo, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)
2012 - Suicide Cartoons Girls, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)
2013 - eVentures with eBabe, published by Blink on an Eye (USA)
2015 - Spooky Encounters, published by Zona 00 cómics (Spain)
2015 - Paranoic Demond, published by Zona 00 cómics (Spain)
2016 - Galaxy Girl, published by Potential comics (USA)
2014 to actually - Sicarios, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain) & Aces Weekly (UK)
2017 - Street Tiger, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain) & Amigo Comics (USA)
Currently - Adam Tesla, published by Zona 00 comics (Spain)
Currently - Tales of Rogues, published by Amigo Comics (USA)
Comig Soon - Sicarios (graphic novel), looking publisher
Comig Soon - Abraxas, looking publisher
Comig Soon - Street Tiger, looking publisher
Comig Soon - The Girl from de cemetery, looking publisher