>> Abraxas


He is, possibly, the last free elf. Sorcerer, womanizer, drinker ... a full-fledged bastard who just wants to escape from the clutches of the Astronauts, supreme beings from outer space who use the elves as sexual fuel. For this, in addition to his knowledge of magic and a rather chunky martial art that provokes explosive physiological reactions, Abraxas has a magic mace called Ballbraker, capable of shrinking and expand at the will of its owner. Abraxas is moderately happy fleeing endlessly, living up to date and kicking the ass of those who dare intrude on his affairs, but that will change sooner than he expects.


Adventurer, mercenary, arriviste, powerful and independent, Ilsa is the unique person of Terra Tercia to which Abraxas considers its equal. It was also abducted by the Astronauts, who experimented with her by implanting an ectoplasm arm capable of taking multiple forms and projecting energy discharges. Ilsa, like Abraxas, devotes her life to fleeing the Astronauts and destroying anyone who tries to interfere with her.


Ian is a god. Leader of the Astronauts, his life has become a spiral of boredom. A tyrant who controls the fate of Terra Tercia with an iron hand, his enormous powers have made him an omnipotent being incapable of empathizing. His Machiavellian plans to get some fun will lead Terra Tercia to a tragic situation.


Astronaut. Drug addict. Famished. Human. Semidivine. Murderess. Crazy. Lovely.


The Executors are the armed wing of the Astronauts. Their personal army. Built from the corpses of the elves that have been drained of vital energy to feed the Astronauts, the Executors are mindless beings with a single purpose, to fulfill the orders of their masters without paying attention to the possible collateral effects.