>> Abraxas


A filthy tavern in any town. Abraxas, our elven hero, tries to go unnoticed and drink some watery beer. However, a fight between two clients ends up splashing him, and he has to face several of them using a secret martial art that only elf sorcerers know. When the fight seems to have come to an end, one of the clients, using a strange device, sends a warning signal to the Executors, a kind of police repression force formed by strange beings armed with energy cannons. Abraxas must confront them while the Executors unleash the chaos in the tavern killing everyone who stands in their way. Using his magic again and his secret martial technique Abraxas defeats the Executors, although he is the only survivor of the fray. When everything seems calm, a beep sound emerges from the chest of one of the dead Executors; it’s the countdown of a bomb that forces Abraxas to jump out of the window to escape the destruction. The whole fight has been observed in the distance through a screen by some mysterious beings, who decide to "go down" to the ground to face our hero. As he rummages through the ruins of the tavern his weapons and belongings, what looks like a meteorite begins to descend leaving a trail of fire, and hits the ground leaving Abraxas shocked. One of the mighty Astronauts, Pickard, has arrived, and floats in the sky ready to face Abraxas.

The brutal fight is unequal, since Abraxas is not rival for the immense powers of Pickard, an she finishes it giving him a death. Yes, Abraxas is dead. Pickard carries the corpse of Abraxas to the Ark, the gigantic ship that floats over Earth and is home to the Astronauts. Once there, Ian (the leader of the Astronauts), Angus (the medical officer) and Pickard herself initiate a process of surgery that introduces in the chest of Abraxas a device that mixes magic and science. When they conect the device, Abraxas is resurrected. Why? Ian, bored with his omnipotence, is looking for a challenge that will give him some fun. Three months later the action jumps to introduce Ilsa, a human adventurer with a cybernetic arm of ectoplasm, who is facing (and defeating) a hydra; a gigantic monster with multiple heads. The new and improved (and resurrected) Abraxas appears on the scene, and merges into an embrace / kiss with Ilsa, as they are old friends and lovers. Abraxas shows Ilsa his new powers, since the device installed by the Astronauts regenerates any wound or limb that he loses, making him almost immortal. Then Abraxas and Ilsa face different monsters to test the new conditions of Abraxas, since this one needs to know its limits because it has a plan: to open again the Cleft and kill the Astronauts. The second part ends with a scene in which you see the Cleft and catch a glimpse of the monsters that are on the other side and that could leave it as soon as the containment systems installed by the Astronauts fall.

In the Ark. Again. We see the creating process of an Executor, which are somethnig like androids made from the corpses of the elves. Ian has told another of the astronauts, Vikander, that he will be in charge of confronting the new Abraxas and prevent him from reopening the Cleft. Briefly explains the history of the Cleft and how its appearance opened a portal with a chaotic dimension full of bloodthirsty monsters. The world seemed to be in disaster until the Astronauts came out of space. At fist who, they seemed to be saviors, but soon became cruel and powerful tyrants. After the interlude, the scene changes to show us the plain where the Cleft is. There, Vikander and a large group of Executives protect the force field that closes the Cleft from Abraxas and Ilsa. After a conversation between the Astronaut and our héroes, a giant battle begins. Vikander and the Executors are no rivals for the new powers of Abraxas. Vikander asks Ian for help, but instead of disconnecting the machine that renders immortal to Abraxas, he disconnects the own force field that contains the Cleft, letting the chaos and its two main gods enter the earth. Vikander is assassinated by these chaos gods who, against all odds, establish an improbable alliance with Abraxas to kill all the astronauts. Meanwhile, in the Ark, Ian, the maker of everything, initiates a protocol that seems to activate a definitive weapon.

The last part of this story begins with Ilsa and Abraxas talking about the insane plan of the elf to kill the astronauts. While in the Ark, Ian talks to Nemesis, an astronaut who has fallen asleep in hibernation and is much more powerful than all the others together: it is the secret weapon that we saw activated at the end of the third part. After telling you what has happened, we see Abraxas, Ilsa and the Chaos gods invade the capital of the empire of men, sweeping everything in their path. Nemesis then descends from the Ark to stop them and begins a struggle in which the gods of Chaos seem to be destroyed and Ilsa and Abraxas receive a serious beating. In a new interlude we return to the plain of the Cleft, where a group of Astronauts tries to re-seal the gap. However, far from getting it, the breach vomits a veritable wave of monsters that gobble it up like a tsunami. We return to Abraxas and Ilsa who, miraculously, manage to defeat Nemesis, only to check that the tsumani of chaos and horror that we saw before comes close to them, unstoppable. Meanwhile, in the Ark, Ian and Pickard argue, as it seems that Ian has definitely lost control of the situation. In the middle of the argument Ian kills Pickard. Suddenly, Dorma appears. She is the only survivor among the astronauts who tried to close the gap and were engulfed by the tsunami of chaos. Of course, Dorma does not oppose Ian, who activates a superarmor to get down to the center of the wave of monsters. He only wants to spend a good time crushing spawns. Just when Ian is gone, Abraxas and Ilsa teleport themselves using magic into the Ark, next to Dorma, who soon is convinced to help them, given Ian's crazy and suicidal state. Dorma informs them that there is a security device in the Ark and that if Ian dies, the Ark will explode, wiping half the galaxy off the map. While Ian continues unleashing his bloodthirst, Abraxas, Ilsa and Dorma teleport to the area, since they have a plan to end Ian's plans. Thanks to Dorma's help, they bring the Ark down to the ground, directly against the Cleft, which swallows the gigantic ship in a second. Upon entering another dimension, the Ark explodes (by not detecting the presence of Ian, the ship considers that he has died) and the explosion closes the dimensional gap forever. Although the world has been filled with monsters, no new horrors will appear through the Cleft. Ian, mad with fury, threatens our heroes who, with a smile, attack the last astronaut (along with Dorma, who for now prefers to remain faithful to Abraxas and Ilsa). They want to give him a good beating before beginning to clean the planet of how many monsters have been left inside.