>> Abraxas


When the rock fell on Terra Tercia, it was the beginning of the end. The impact opened a breach that the gods of chaos took advantage of invading an unconscious planet and devastating it. When the Astronauts arrived to purge that, much of what was known was over. The dwarves had become extinct, the elves were turned into sex slaves, and man built an empire of puppets and idiots fueled by his arrogance. Abraxas is one of the last free elves. Wizard, warrior, mercenary, murderer, thief, scoundrel. His adventure and that of his whole world has only just begun.


At the moment we have 5 full color pages finished and 24 pages in b&w. Work in search of a publisher. All rights reserved over the work. Work can be completed in two months


This volume would be between 112, in color or black and white, and could be divided into 4 comic books of 28 pages. The story is self-enclosing, intended with the possibility of being continued in later volumes.