>> Lady Goodbye

Miss Fox/Lady Goodbye

The story’s protagonist is a thirty-year-old who has not known a life other than the one given to her by the ARCA Corporation. Training, killing, and back to training and killing. Her personal life was reduced to a convenience partnership with another of the young people trained by the ARCA: Mr. Fox. But he died in a mission, so she was released from the procreation phase, which was the next step in the following years. She’s the deadliest killer working for the corporation, and has always been under the protection of Naama, who, unbeknownst to her, saved her from certain death when she was a baby. This makes her a target for Noah, due to the internal war between him and Naama to control the ARCA. The international media and police forces call her Lady Goodbye, due to her efficiency.

Mister Lynx

Another ARCA assassin. Miss Fox's occasional partner, since they both lost their respective partners. Of approximately the same age. Like Mr. Fox, Miss Lynx died on a failed mission. He’s a professional, like her, although without as much media impact. Nevertheless, he’s Naama’s right-hand man, and she tells him about the internal war between her and Noah. He knows that they’re preparing an ambush on Fox, being Naama’s upper hand to have control of the ARCA. Hence, Lynx is sent to Hong Kong to help Fox at the meeting with Huan Lu, without her knowing his true mission.


Since she wears a mask at all times, we don’t know her age or physical appearance. Co-leader of the ARCA Corporation next to Noah and a former assassin under the name of Miss Fox. In one of her last missions, she found an abandoned baby in China. She felt pity, and that same baby ended up becoming the ARCA’s best killer. When the previous Naama died, she was chosen to cover her face with the iron mask of Kali. Without revealing her true identity, she christened the promising teenager she saved years ago with the name of Miss Fox. Since Naama knows of Noah’s intentions, that little girl is in danger again. Her traditional approach regarding ARCA’s leadership conflicts with the other leader’s ideals. The war between the two can only turn against her if Miss Fox ends up dead.


Since he always wears the mask, we don’t know his age or physical appearance. Co-leader of the ARCA Corporation with Naama. When the former Noah died, he was chosen to cover his face with the iron mask of Shiva. His approach to what ARCA should be is a lot less traditional than Naama’s. He bets on a greater involvement in conflicts, which that can tilt the balance in favor of the interests of certain multinationals and magnates. He thinks it's time to stop being a tool for balancing power. Hence the internal conflict, which can only be solved by the death of one of them. But he must first take down Naama's main defender, Miss Fox.

Yen Ji-danLin

Physically, he’s a clone of Donnie Yen, age approximately 40. Member of the Interpol in China. He’s been chasing the famous assassin Lady Goodbye for the longest out of any other agent. It has become almost an obsession. When he’s informed that she’s been involved in a shooting in Hong Kong, he gets the perfect opportunity to catch her. What he doesn’t know, is that she’s the little sister his mother abandoned in a forest near their house.