>> Lady Goodbye #1


China. Year 1987. A mother hides a newborn baby in a forest near her house. It’s her second one, and their one-child policy makes her afraid of government retaliation. The baby is left at the foot of a tree, where vermin are about to eat it, but something scares them away. It’s a woman dressed in dark clothes: Miss Fox, an international assassin who is passing by after concluding a mission. She takes the baby moved by compassion, saving her life. Thirty years later, in Hong Kong, that same baby has become a deadly weapon. After carrying out a mission where she had to get rid of someone, she hides in an ARCA Corporation safe house. She has worked for them for as long as she can remember. She goes to sleep and dreams of her past, undergoing arduous training with other children in a sort of military field. They are visited by a woman wearing an iron mask. It’s Naama, one of ARCA’s two leaders, along with Noah, also in a mask. Naama looks at the girl and orders that she be given the name of Miss Fox. What they don’t known is that Naama is the old Miss Fox, the one who saved the girl when she was a baby.

She is later visited by Mr. Lynx, a colleague who brings her an ARCA mission. She must meet with Huan Lu, a reputed criminal from Hong Kong’s underworld, to ask for support in killing the head of a rival band. Lynx accompanies her to a yacht docked in Victoria Harbor, but the meeting ends abruptly with the murder of the dealer at the hands of a mysterious group. Fox and Lynx manage to escape, killing a few of them and jumping into the water. However, the Lu clan puts a price on their head, accusing them of killing their leader. His successor Zhen, Huan Lu’s younger brother, wants them dead, and they can’t ask ARCA for help. A strict rule states that they must clear their name, to not damage the organization’s. They’re on their own.

Meanwhile, a Chinese Interpol agent, Yen Ji-danLin, comes to the scene of Huan Lu’s murder. He’s after the famous assassin Lady Goodbye, a name given to her by the media. What he doesn’t know is that she’s his little sister. That’s the start of a cat and mouse chase around Hong Kong in search of who killed Huan Lu. Miss Fox and Mr. Lynx need to avoid the Interpol, the Lu clan and the assassins looking to collect the bounty on their heads. Fox finds out who is responsible for killing Huan Lu, but the problem is that it turns out to be Zhen Lu. Tired of living in his brother’s shadow, he had him killed and blamed Fox and Lynx to elude suspicion. Fox and Lynx can only do one thing, look for Huan Lu’s father. Shang Lu was the clan’s first leader, building the whole network from scratch.

Now, old and bored, he leads a contemplative life waiting for its end. Fox and Lynx manage to gather evidence of how one of his children killed the other for the clan’s leadership. But for the old man to speak for them, they must take him to the clan’s headquarters. Along the way, they find an accidental ally in Yen Ji-danLin, who can’t let Lady Goodbye be killed. He wants to bring her to justice. Within the headquarters, towards the end, Lynx has to sacrifice his life at a certain point. Before dying, he tells Fox that his real mission was to protect her, following Naama’s orders. The real issue is a power struggle for the absolute control of the ARCA; Noah made a deal with Zhen Lu to help him overthrow his brother, if they got rid of Fox along the way. Naama found out and sent Lynx. Officially, he was only going to report back to her, but he went to cover Fox’s back. Fox finally faces Zhen Lu and his lieutenants. Shang Lu accuses his son and is proclaimed the clan’s new leader. Zhen is killed. Fox not only manages to clear her name, but Shang also promises to help the ARCA Corporation with its plans. Fox can now leave Hong Kong; she hops on a flight at Chek Lap Kok that takes her home, the ARCA headquarters.