>> Lady Goodbye


The ARCA Corporation trained her to be a lethal assassin from a very early age. They gave her a name, Miss Fox, and a purpose. The only life she knows is completing one mission after the other, at the service of whomever was hiring. Her efficiency gave her the world-renowned nickname of Lady Goodbye. Her peers respect her. Her enemies hate her. Her potential victims fear her.

A routine job in Hong-Kong, along with another ARCA hitman, results in the death of Huan Lu, leader of one of the most powerful clans in the city. The blame falls on them, the only survivors of the ambush. Thus, begins a game of cat and mouse, where they are chased by the Lu Clan and an agent of the Interpol that has been tracking Lady Goodbye for a long time.

There is no way to escape; not without delivering the real killer to the Lu Clan. And they must do it alone, while trying not to get killed or arrested.


6 full sample pages in color. Work in search of a publisher. All rights reserved over the work.


This volume would be between 120 and 140 pages, in color or black and white, and could be divided into 3 volumes between 42 and 46 pages. The story is self-enclosing, intended with the possibility of being continued in later volumes.


Influenced by Asian spy cinema and action movies from the 90, like Jason Bourne and contemporary Korean thrillers. The Chaser + The Berlin File + The Yellow Sea + Jason Bourne tetralogy + Naked Killer = Lady Goodbye


We can have the finished work between 2 and 3 months