>> Street Tiger

Street Tiger

His real name is Don Johnalson and he’s the protagonist of this story. A violent vigilante looking for a weird revenge. He’ll do anything to unmask the reptilians hiding under human masks. After an unfortunate situation, where these extraterrestrials killed almost all his friends, Don devotes his life to exposing the reptilians’ evil intentions. He plans to use his deep knowledge in martial arts and meditation to bury the invaders.

Boni is Black Pigeon

Boni McKlasky is a great police detective from Nam City; very bold, intelligent and sarcastic. She has solved countless cases along with Detective Emm, but many of them remain unresolved due to corruption. Frustrated to see how criminals are in and out of court, she becomes Black Dove. This hooded, methodical, and lethal vigilante lost faith in Nam City’s legal system and distributes justice in her own way. She joins Street Tiger to face the local mafia under Egghead’s command.

Egg Head is an Reptilian

Egghead is the leader of Nam City’s largest criminal organization. He looks like a respected businessman, but everyone knows he’s involved in all sorts of illegal ventures. Nam City only cares if you have power and money. What nobody knowns is that his Italian tailormade suit hides the body of an alien, a reptilian being who seeks out human weakness to gain power and control at any price. But this time, Egghead will have to face Street Tiger, and his whole world is going to crack.

Yassif Rassif

Yassif grew up in India in a humble family, and was forced to emigrate to Nam City like many of his compatriots. Once there, he worked hard, but seeing that it was not going to give him the life he dreamed of, he buried his morals and decency, and turned to the criminal activities that take place in the city’s underground. It was not long before he was crowned leader of the Sumerian gang; but his throne is coveted by many, including Egghead. Yassif Rassif suspects this, and takes advantage of any opportunity to sabotage the reptilian’s business, in order to finish him. His goal is to be the king of Nam City, and he will do anything to achieve it, however crazy it may seem.

Mary, Jake and Lester

Mary, Jake and Lester are three poor devils without luck; thieves who dream of the biggest robbery of their lives. They think they struck the pot of gold, but instead, they get deeply involved in a mafia war… and they might not get out alive.


The Nam City police detective ordered to end the wave of violence generated by Street Tiger. He’s a good policeman and Boni’s partner, but unlike her, he thoroughly follows the law. He’s completely unaware that Boni is behind Black Dove’s hood.