>> Street Tiger


Under the protection of Nam City, a place caught between the East and the West and where organized crime is well established, a violent character appears in the dark: he wears a leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet, a baseball bat his only weapon. Our protagonist bursts violently into a sushi restaurant, focusing his rage on two people in particular; one of them is brutally beaten to death, while the second is left alive so that he can inform his boss that the aggressor is in town to end him. The police appear at the scene of the crime, with detectives Boni and Emmanuel in charge. Boni is a daring detective who likes to piss everyone off with her clever but cheeky remarks, and Emm is a great field detective, who likes to snoop around the streets to find all the necessary clues. They make a strange, but great, pair of detective partners.

When they arrive at the scene of the crime, they find Rockwell Puck, the survivor of the brutal beating. The detectives have no other choice but to take his statement, but Rockwell's story doesn’t convince them. He seems to be lying when he explains that the murdered man and he are salesmen, and he doesn’t tell them about the mysterious aggressor’s threat to kill their boss. Meanwhile, in Nam City’s Chinatown, a couple of thieves are about to rob a laundromat; their faces covered with masks, they enter through the back door. After trashing the office where Mrs. Chen manages the accounting for this modest business, they find a safe, but at that same moment, an unexpected character walks through the front door. He doesn’t work there, and he’s not a member of the Chen family, he’s a thug that works for Rassif Yassif of the Sumerian clan.

When the thieves hear him, they have to leave the laundry as quickly as possible, taking everything they found in the safe without checking what is was. Chen's laundromat becomes that night’s most visited place, when our dark protagonist, named Street Tiger by the authorities, follows the Sumerian to threaten to kill him if he doesn’t tell him what a member of the rival gang is doing in Chinatown. Of course, he doesn’t respond, and they get into a martial arts fight where the Sumerian is defeated and tells him everything he knows. He’s just a minion with no other task than to guard the safe, which contains something valuable for his boss Rassif. After retrieving all possible information, Street Tiger leaves the laundromat and blows it up with the thug still inside.

A few days later, Street Tiger decides to break into the Oval Tower, an emblematic place in Nam City, where Ray "Egghead" Radboury directs his illegal businesses as the boss of his criminal organization. Tiger swings his baseball bat from the reception of the building to Egghead’s office, violently fighting off all the thugs on his way. When he gets there, Egghead and Street Tiger chat briefly about the helmeted character's intentions; evidently, his goal is to end the mob boss’s life, but before he can do this, Egghead’s personal bodyguard, Shark, gives him a brutal beating and forces him to escape. Shark is a burly ex Russian special forces agent who doesn’t give up easily and chases after Street Tiger; they jump from one building to another until they reach an apartment where a group of friends is hanging out. Tiger and Shark crash through the window before the amazed eyes of its residents. Shark is about to kill Street Tiger when there’s an explosion in the apartment.

A Russian satellite in disuse falls on the apartment and its occupants. After the explosion, Street Tiger awakens in a strange attic handcuffed to a bed. In comes a mysterious hooded woman. It’s Black Dove, another enigmatic vigilante that takes justice into her own hands. She was the one who rescued Street Tiger from certain death after the explosion, but not knowing his intentions, she chains him to the bed. Dove interrogates the stranger, who we can now see since he is not wearing the helmet. At first, Street Tiger tries to avoid her questions, but when he sees that there is no other option in order to be released, he tells her a bizarre story about reptilian beings who kidnapped his friends and him. They were submitted to indescribable experiments, some of his friends dying in the process, so he decided to take revenge by annihilating those creatures at any price.

Tiger continues his strange revenge story, explaining how he discovered that Egghead is actually one of the many alien and reptilian beings that live in the city, and hence the kamikaze attack on the Oval Tower. On the other side of town, the Cream neighborhood is the most suburban area of ​​Nam City, and the scene of a drug war between the Sumerian gang and the Borinquens. At the head of the Sumerians, Rassif Yassif is dressed in a spectacular robotic suit, essential in this power struggle over the trade of a drug called yogurt. Meanwhile, Jake and Lester, the thieves who robbed the laundromat, along with Mary, Jake's girlfriend, find that they failed to steal anything of value. However, after discovering strange codes in the papers they stole, they conclude that they might be valuable. They were stored in a safe, after all. Although they don’t know it yet, the encrypted codes contain photos and information on the alien population. That’s why Rassif sent his thug to Chinatown to check on the papers, stored in a place where he thought nobody would find them: Mrs. Chen’s humble laundromat. Boni and Emmanuel, the detectives in charge of the Street Tiger case, follow a few clues and Emm ends up in Rockwell Puck’s apartment. He was the only survivor of the brutal beating at the restaurant, but Emm doesn’t find any clues in the apartment. What he does find inside a fake wall in a closet, is a tied-up girl. This only complicates the case investigation. After telling her his strange story of the reptilians, Street Tiger is released by Black Dove. Although she doesn’t really believe him, she decides that he’s more pitiful than an actual threat.

After recovering from his injuries, Street Tiger plans a new assault on the Oval Tower to finally kill Egghead. He’s joined by Black Dove for this new, more cautious assault. Since Tiger’s last visit, the Tower’s security and surveillance has increased considerably, and they decide that the only possible way in is through the roof. They jump out of a tourist helicopter, catching Egghead’s security team by surprise. Tiger and Dove advance through the hallways, violently dealing with all the minions who get in their way. Meanwhile, Egghead is visited by a doctor, a scientist in charge of certain experiments contracted by Egghead. The experiments require children to genetically modify them and create human-reptilian hybrids, like the girl that was found by the police agent, Emmanuel, in Rockwell Puck’s apartment. Once again, Street Tiger barges into the mobster's headquarters, and although he has a new personal bodyguard, he’s not able to stop Tiger. To Black Dove’s awe, Egghead shows his true nature, revealing himself as a reptilian. After a difficult battle, Tiger and Dove manage to kill Egghead; the city has been freed from its major gangster, which is a relief for Black Dove. However, Street Tiger’s revenge plot may have only just begun.