>> Street Tiger


A series of brutal murders are occurring in Nam City. All the victims belong to different criminal organizations; the police suspect a gang war but they are searching for a sole individual, a man with a helmet and a leather jacket with a tiger on the back.


Complete volume, 117 colored finished pages. Ready for publish. Has been published in Spain by Zona 00 comics and published in USA on a small market in 4 comic books by an small press Amigo Comics. I have all rights of the work.


This first volume is a full 117-page story with a closed story arc, but it gives rise to the following stories. The work was conceived originally in black and white, format that I personally adore, published thus in Spain and later colored for its publication in the USA market. I send the two versions for you to decide which one fits better in your editorial.


Street-tiger honors what we know as grindhouse movies, named after the theaters that projected trash and exploitation films, midnight shows where violence and adult language was permitted. This is a violent, revenge thriller, a story reminiscent of cult action films from the 70s and 80s, a genre the author has loved since his childhood, filled with action films and kung-fu. It is a comic-book that will surprise you for the careful narrative in each panel, quality drawings bursting with personality, a compact script with surprising twists and dialogues that pay homage to the great Tarantino and his films.