Street Tiger

Nam City. Several corpses of known members of organized crime have been appearing in the streets of the metropolis. It seems that the different factions of the local mafias have started a war to take control, but the police suspect that all the murders are the work of one and the same person: a new vigilante who is taking the law into his own hands. An urban hero armed with a baseball bat and hidden behind a biker helmet and a leather jacket with a tiger on his back. Street Tiger is a tribute to grindhouse movies, trash and Charles Bronson’s films. Explicit violence, action and references to those thrillers full of revenge and cold-blooded murders that filled theaters during the 70s and 80s. That same cinema full of plot twists and fast and acid dialogues that captivated directors like Tarantino and from which Ertito Montana drinks without complexes to tell us a thrilling story in which nothing is as expected.

Hardcover 128 Págs. Black & White